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Karachi likely to sizzle for next three days

Karachi is likely to sizzle for the next three days!

On Saturday, the temperature in Karachi was recorded at 40°C while it felt like it had reached 43°C. 

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Saturday issued a forecast of extreme heat for Karachi for the next three days. 

According to the Met Office, Karachi’s weather in Karachi is likely to remain hot and humid from Sunday to Tuesday.

During the next three days, the temperature is expected to range between 39°C to 41°C in Karachi, the forecast said.

The humidity in the air was recorded at 29% on Saturday and the winds are blowing from the northwest at a slow speed.

Some scattered showers were reported in various areas of Karachi on Saturday afternoon.


The average temperature in Karachi during the month of September is likely to be 33.4°C.

The highest temperature in Karachi in the month of September was recorded at 42.7°C in 2015. 


Saman Siddiqui

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