Asia at crossroads in mobility revolution says new Shell report

Asia is embarking on a mobility revolution that could revitalise economies and drive more sustainable development for future generations, states a report launched today by Shell.

Cities On The Move: Driving Asia’s Mobility Revolution’ is Shell’s first ever review of mobility in the region. Itincludes extensive research and interviews, providing unique insights into the emerging mobility trends across five countries – Singapore, Thailand, India, The Philippines and China.

For each country, a range of issues are considered, including the impact of digitalisation, mobility trends of different generations, the variety of mobility solutions, the need for lower carbon choices, evolving consumer demands, developments in fleet services and the challenges created by COVID-19.

The report highlights the frictions that rapid urbanisation, a growing middle class, rising incomes and increasing aspirations are playing on demands for increased mobility options. It also considers other trends such as a desire for greater and faster convenience, the impact of enhanced digital solutions and environmental concerns.

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It concludes that while each country requires its own unique mobility developments, fuels ecosystems and regulations to meet specific demands, what is common to them all is the need for collaboration between governments, industry and consumers to anticipate new trends and meet evolving needs.

Speaking about the report, Shell’s Vice President, Retail East, Amr Adel said, “While the question of mobility is a global one, Asia alone amply demonstrates the complexity and multiplicity of both the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.

“Solving mobility issues across Asia – whether that be road congestion, insufficient public transport or air pollution – requires different initiatives and actions from country to country. Beyond that, solutions will require close collaboration between government, industry and society. All partners must work together to create a mobility ecosystem fit for everyone.”

Download the report – ‘Cities On The Move: Driving Asia’s Mobility Revolution’ at

Arbab Fahim

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