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Bandish 2 Episode-3 Review: The black magic has started showing its power

Episode powered by couple of spooky bone chilling scenes

Bandish-2 drama serial airing at ARY Digital has become our all-time favorite Weekend Watch. Having a strong story plot and solid performances, the play got all spooky vibes to bring goosebumps. In the previous episode, we have seen that black magic had started working. In this episode, we have witnessed that the family is surrounded by more and more paranormal incidents taking place.

It is shown that Farhana Chachi clings with Rabail in her difficult time. We have shown a scene where Maaz is blaming his mother for her inappropriate behavior with Rabial’s family. It makes us wonder if that is that actually black magic involved there or if it’s just that Maaz’s mother is a vile woman. Maaz is extremely embarrassed about her mother’s conduct but Rabail is not ready to even attend his call.

Faraana Chachi is the vilest person, she is such a hypocrite that she is being all nice and good in front of Rabail and Minahil, and their mother. However Sameer is aware of her negative vibes, he knows that she always creates drama and he remembers how she created a rift between his father and his uncle. Farhana knows that Sameer does not like her so she created a drama in front of the whole family blaming herself for Rabail’s engagement breaking and apologizing for it. The best part is that Sameer still remains unmoved.

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Then there are a couple of bone-chilling scenes where we see a flying bed. Poor Minahil is scared to death when her own clothes get back to her wardrobe and then we see her bed flying in the air at some feet height. Poor Minahil is struggling hard to find her way out of the room but the door is locked. The scene gives us goosebumps as well along with her. Strangely her mother pays no heed on seeing her extremely frightened.

It is shown that the necromancer has started his spell but he has also demanded something from Farhana wondering what actually is his demands. Another bone-chilling scene happens with Waniya and her daughter. Waniya follows her daughter to the rooftop and clearly sees her jumping off the roof. Here Amna Ilyas has given a wonderful performance where she is howling to see her daughter die when she comes down there is no one. She is shouting and crying at the top of her lungs when Sameer comes and tells her that their daughter is peacefully sleeping in their room. God that scene and her howling has brought chills down our spines too. Too intrigued to watch more.

Rameeza Nasim

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