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Sevak The Confessions Episode-1 Review: When a hero is born his “rakshas” (demon) is born on the same day

Its the beginning of a true story of an assassin that follows the journey of Vidya, a journalist, in quest of truth

The story set against the backdrop of true events ranging from 1984 to 2022, is written by Saji Gul and brought to life by director Anjum Shahzad.

The series feature Mohsin Abbas, Hajra Yamin, Nazarul Hassan, Nayyer Ejaz, Adnan Jaffar and Ammara Malik in the lead cast. 

This historical action thriller revolves around a true story of an assassin that follows the journey of Vidya (Hajra Yamin), a journalist, in a quest to find out the truth behind the film star Jeet Singh’s death. She is aided by Mannu, a key informant.

The first episode opens up with flashbacks setting the back drop in which the story will unfold and leaves the audience wanting to know the full story. The events are gradually built up revealing the true antagonists behind past events of deceit, terror and crime.

Vidya is holding a hockey inside her house who is being threatens by some goons outside. Its assumed that she might be investigating something serious that has lead to life threats.

Later we see a person, gets into to a car accident, he is a famous film star Jeet Singh’s death, who is killed in a planned murder. The news has hit the Sikh community like a bolt.

Vidya witnesses rise in Hindu radicalism, like the demolition of Afreeen Fatimah’s House, while trying to establish her own newspaper. She has been asked by the editor, her elder brother, to bring some big story not the usual ones to make an impact.  She covered the incident of a photographer, a Muslim man beaten up by Hindu goons just for erecting a poster of Taj Mahal in the market.

She some how has been contacted by an informant Mannu. As he starts narrating a different story of Jeet Singh and his murderer, Vidya gets suspicious of Mannu’s claims. She traces out his location but even as she reaches him, they both have to run to save their lives.

Its interesting to see the buildup of the story, as the main characters Vidya and Mannu, both were born in the year of the 1984 Sikh genocide. 

The narrative buildup on the philosophy that when a hero is born his “rakshas” (demon) is born on the same day.

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Vidya has unwillingly entered the labyrinth of stories shared by Mannu unravel the horrors of hate crime, atrocities and genocide. She has to  encounter many ghosts of Mannu’s his past.

This was the first episode showcasing a bold visual approach. What lies ahead? we have been provided with the hints based on the life of Deep Singh Sidhu along with events inspired by the stories of Gauri Lankesh, Hemant Karkare, Graham Staines, Junaid Khan, and Surekha Bohtmange and based on the events of the Babri mosque demolition, 2002 Gujarat pogrom among others. 

We wait for the next episode to open the new dimension with an other Confession!

Sevak: The Confessions can be streamed via the Vidly.tv app (iOS, Android, Apple TV) and on the web at https://sevak.vidly.tv

Haven’t watched the first episode yet? Check out the link below:





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