Ali Azmat draws ire for ridiculing Madam Noor Jehan

Ali Azmat has drawn ire for ridiculing Madam Noor Jehan in a recent interview.

Many of the Pakistanis took to social media showing their dismal over former Junoon member’s remarks.

In a recent interview moderated by Ahmed Pansota and featured on The Current’s YouTube channel, the musician turned actor spoke on an array of topics including music and arts as if he had authority over the said subjects.

However, as he was trying to make a comparison of today’s music scene with that of his childhood he went on to say, “mai” (elderly woman) with her “full saari, huge earrings and face overdone with makeup” show up looking like a “kofta” (meatball).

Hearing this, the host responded by saying “she was a great singer.”

To which, Azmat quickly responded with a “No, this is from when I was young when we’d accepted a different culture.”

His insensitive interjections have lefts the music fans in Pakistan disappointed.



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