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Khawar Maneka accuses Imran Khan of ruining his marital life with now former wife Bushra Bibi

Khawar Maneka accused Imran Khan of ruining his marital life while making an appearance on the Geo News programme Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Sath on Monday.

While opening up about his marital life, Khawar Maneka said when his ex-wife was living at her parents’ house he received a call from Farah Gogi to divorce Bushra.

Khawar Maneka stated that he divorced his former wife on November 14, 2017.


The former husband of Bushra Bibi Khawar Maneka said that he was having a happy married life before Imran Khan met his ex-wife in Lahore under the garb of “peeri mureedi” (spiritual guidance).

“We were spending a happy married life until Imran Khan ruined it under the garb of Peeri Mureedi,” Khawar Maneka said.

In his interview via video link, Khawar Maneka maintained that he married Bushra in 1989 and the people used to give examples of their house as his wife was a faith healer.

During the interview, he called his ex-wife Bushra Bibi “pinky”.

He shared that Imran Khan was introduced to Bushra by her sister Maryam Wattoo, who lives in the United Arab Emirates, during the 2014 Islamabad sit-in staged by the PTI for spiritual guidance.

He revealed that the matters went worse as his marital life was “destroyed” due to their frequent meetings in 2015-16.

“His frequent visits to our house had made us depressed,” Khawar said, “my mother used to say that not allow him [Imran Khan] to visit home as he is not a good man.”

He added that his mother’s advice had touched his heart, however, he used to resist it.

Khawar claimed that Khan and Bushra used to meet in Islamabad when she was in the federal capital.

“We got to know about their marriage through TV channels. We were not aware of this,” he said.

According to him, it was an ordeal for the family as when the news broke out people came outside his house in Lahore and started shouting. He wondered why the people were opposing them and badmouthing them.

When asked why the family was opposed to Imran Khan-Bushra meetings as it was a “peer and murshid” relation, he said that the reason was the long telephonic conversations between the two. Khan and Bushra used to have hours-long conversations on the phone at night, Khawar said and added that he was disturbed to see that.

He had advised his former wife to have such a conversation at the time. But it did not change as according to Khawar, his ex-wife’s friend Farah Gogi gave a phone and more SIMs to Bushra on the PTI chief’s orders.

“They started talking secretly. I used to object that when I made a call she did not attend it. I was posted in Karachi and later I was in Pakpattan Sharif. So I used to send servants inside to check the phone is not being answered. Later, I was told that this person [Khan] was sitting there,” he said and added that he was not happy with it.

On the incident, he added that he forced the PTI chief out of his house through his servant.

Khawar Maneka also admitted that his wife stayed at their farmhouse in Bani Gala for a period but he made it clear that it was not a rented property.

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