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Milk and flour prices once again increased in Karachi

Milk and flour prices have once again increased in Karachi!

As reported, the prices of milk and flour have increased due to the already rising inflation in the country.

According to the notification issued by Commissioner Karachi, the price of milk per litre has been increased from Rs.170 to Rs.180.

On the other hand, the flour mill owners have increased the prices of flour from Rs.96 per kg to Rs.104 per kg, while the rates of fine flour and super flour have been increased from Rs.105 per kg to Rs.108 per kg.

Apart from this, dairy farms and wholesalers have increased the price of milk per litre from Rs 163 and Rs 170 to Rs 150 and Rs 160 respectively.

Waheed Gadi, media coordinator of the Karachi Retailer Association, while defending the milk prices, said that we have repeatedly reminded the commissioner that wholesalers never sell milk at the official rate.

As a result, retailers are forced to sell milk more than the official rate.

He said that during the meeting in October, Karachi Milk Retailers Association did not sign the notification in protest.

Shakir Gujjar, president of the Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association, said that the notification was completely opposite to the actual situation in the market as the price of milk per litre in the market is Rs 200 while the price of milk per litre in the dairy farm is fixed at Rs 163.

He emphasized that the commissioner should review the milk prices and fix the price of milk per litre at Rs 230 per litre.

Leading manufacturer Tetra Milk Pack said that from December 15, 2022, the price of a 20-litre milk packet will be Rs 240, while the price of a 1.5-litre milk packet will be Rs 335 instead of Rs 310.

The retailer says that after these prices, other companies may also increase the price of milk after Friesland Campina Engro Pakistan increased the prices several times.

Retailers added that the companies never reveal the reasons for the price hike as they usually cite the increase in production cost as the main reason.

On the other hand, the flour mill owners have increased the prices of flour from Rs 96 per kg to Rs 104 per kg, while the rates of fine flour and super flour have been increased from Rs 105 per kg to Rs 108 per kg.

The recent increase was due to the rise in wheat prices, which increased from Rs 8,600 to Rs 9,200 or Rs 9,300 per 100 kg bag of flour.

Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) Sindh Zone Chairman Aamir Abdullah said that each mill is getting a monthly quota of 10,000 bags of wheat, which was fixed in October.

He said that mills now require more wheat due to the high consumption of flour in winter.

He further said that the mill authorities are using 35% wheat of the Sindh government for the production of flour while the remaining wheat is being taken from the open market at higher rates.

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