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WWE star Roman Reigns banned from TikTok

WWE star Roman Reigns has been banned from TikTok!

Regins’s Eagle eyed fans have noticed that wrestler’s TikTok account had been banned despite boasting 1.3 million followers and 7.6 million likes.

Apparently, Reigns’ ban came as a result of one of his wrestling highlights being flagged for violence on the video sharing platform.

TikTok has a strong policy regarding posting videos that include simulated violence so many have hypothesized this is why the official account got flagged for simulated violence.

Roman Reigns is set for this week’s WWE SmackDown, a Bloodline trial where the Tribal Chief is set to face accusations from Jimmy and Jey Uso about his behavior toward the Bloodline.

Fans cant let go of it what happened to Tribal Chief!



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