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A new Pasoori! Ali Sethi’s rumoured gay marriage sets the internet on fire

Unconfirmed reports suggesting that Ali Sethi and Salman Toor have tied the knot in New York City

Ali Sethi’s rumoured gay marriage has set the internet on fire! And that’s what we call a new pasoori.

In Pakistan, gay marriage is an absolutely out of the question, or at least for practising Muslims all across the world.

It was the other day when the news of Ali Sethi’s rumoured gay marriage hit social media, leaving his Pakistani fans in disgust.

Though its not been officially, confirmed the rumours indicate that ‘Pasoori’ famed singer Ali Sethi has reportedly married a man named Salman Toor, an artist.

If these rumours are legit then this will become one of Pakistan’s celebrity first-ever gay weddings, that took place out of the country for sure.

For those unserved, Ali Sethi is the son of political figure Najam Sethi who also served as Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman twice. While his mother is Syeda Maimanat Mohsin, commonly known as Jugnu Mohsin, who is also a Pakistani politician and journalist.  Ali’s sister Mira Sethi is an actress.

Sethi’s official Wikipedia page term him as Queer, and is one of the few Pakistani artists to openly identify as such.

No details as such about his rumoured wedding have been made available so far on social media. In fact, neither parties have confirmed the news of their wedding yet. However, as per the info gathered from social media, Rang singer married artist and co-worker Salman Toor in an intimate ceremony held in New York City.

The very thought is unacceptable by the Pakistanis and they expressed their disgust on social media.

Hashtags #AliSethi, #SalmanToor, and #Pasoori occupied top spots on Twitter as people shared their thoughts and opinions.



Who is Salman Toor?

Salman Toor is a Pakistani-born American. He is a 40-year-old painter by profession based in New York City.

We hadn’t been paying attention to his works which might be his confession of his feelings for Sethi.


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The New Yorker in its article back in 2022, quoted Salman Toor openly saying that he went to London in the summer of 2004, where his acquaintances Kalyan, Sethi, Aijazuddin, and Toor were all dating at that time, but they weren’t dating one another.

This changed six years ago when Sethi and Toor realized that they belonged together. Although they live in different New York apartments, the bond between them is very deep, the article added.

While talking about Ali Sethi in the same interview, Salman said: “I knew I had found the person I wanted to be with for good.”

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