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Bilal Ashraf Acknowledges the Hardworking House Help Amid Lockdown

As the world has come to a partial standstill due to coronavirus pandemic, everyone has gotten a chance to self-reflect in these times of self-isolation. While it may be tough for many to adjust to a huge change like work from home or work for home – due to unavailability of house help – actor Bilal Ashraf has an important point to make.

Taking it to Instagram the Jannan actor reminded everyone of our hardworking domestic help segment who we often do not realize how crucial is to run our day to day life smoothly.

“Yep, so do you all miss your domestic, particularly cleaning staff, staff?” the actor captioned alongside an illustration to pay tribute to cleaning staff.

“For all those not used to it how does it feel cleaning everything yourself? Respect for all the cleaning staff out there who r still risking their lives for us,” the actor further wrote.


Albeit that affording domestic help is a luxury mostly known for Pakistanis, this is the first time many are having to make do without them. Bilal rightly pointed at acknowledging these workers as we pay our regards to doctors, police, and everyone who’s working hard for us during these tough times.

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