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BTS member Suga is set to begin his mandatory military service

Suga's military enlistment date has been confirmed

BTS member Suga is all set to enlist in the South Korean military!

Suga, 30, is set to begin his mandatory military service in South Korea by the end of the week, announced Big Hit Entertainment on Sunday.

“Suga will be beginning his required service on September 22,” Big Hit Music announced in a statement on the fan community platform Weverse.

“There will not be any official events taking place on the day he starts his service or on the day he enters the training camp. We kindly ask fans to refrain from visiting Suga at his workplace during the period of his service. Please convey your warm regards and encouragement in your hearts only.”

“We ask for your continued love and support for Suga until he completes his service and returns. Our company will also strive to provide all the support he needs during this time,” the statement added/

Later on Sunday, Suga also went live on Weverse to talk about his enlistment.

A fan translation quoted him as he told ARMY the military service is nothing to cry about, and that they will be reunited in 2025.

Suga also joked that his short haircut is making it harder for people to recognize him.

“As requested, I did my live. Somehow I think you all already watched it, and I don’t need to repeat what I’m already saying. Whatever it is, be happy, don’t be sad. This is a responsibility that needs to be complied with. The future’s gonna be ok. Let’s see each other in 2025,” Suga said.


This April, Suga officially released his solo debut album D-Day.

Following Jin and J-Hope, Suga is the third member to enlist for military service.

BTS Septet- RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook, will complete their mandatory service over the next couple of years, with the group’s hiatus expected to last through 2025.

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