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Durefishan Saleem pens a heartfelt tribute to her late Khaie co-star Khalid Butt

Durefishan also shared details of Butt's ordeals amid health conditions on the sets.

Durefishan Saleem took to social media to pen a heartfelt tribute to her late Khaie co-star Khalid Butt.

Veteran actor Khalid Butt passes away in Lahore on Jan 11 after a brief illness.

Durefishan who worked with the late Khalid Butt, in a heartfelt tribute to the actor admired him for his resilience, dedication and kindness he showed on the sets of the drama.

“Butt sahab-as you all know him as an actor par excellence but we know him as a person who at this age with terrible breathing conditions-unable to eat anything other than liquids did his job without making us feel a tad bit of discomfort from his side. Not for a second was he a hassle on set while we wanted ‘ healthy ‘ food/12-hour rest time -this man used to greet me with ‘Salam jetti raho aisa hi khilti raho’ every morning while rehearsing his lines-not just learn-know by heart,” Khaie actress wrote.

She went on to add, “Me being me used to panic every time I used to have a scene with him-always concerned about whether he is okay, whether my serval takes would exhaust him but oh my the man used to not for a second make me feel he is drained or his energies are down.”

Sharing details of Butt’s ordeals amid health conditions, Durefishan revealed, “There were days when Wajhat bhai used to call off work because he had a temperature or wasn’t feeling well PERSISTING him to take an off while all he was concerned about was our dates /location/ production costs.
And the intellect -you can have a conversation about politics or drama or movies-he’ll take you and grasp you with his words/with his thoughts.”

“I’ll do many roles but never will I have the greater privilege of working with a man who taught me what art is -what dedication towards craft is and what resilience looks like.
This is your KHAIE-this will always be yours.
Too soon, still too soon-I wish you had told me you were happy to see my work-I wish,” she added.

“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhi Rajioon- may you be at the highest place in Jannah looking upon us idiots getting praise for the 2 per cent effort we put in work and call it craft. Till we meet again ….,” Durefishan concluded.


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