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‘Jannat Se Aagay’ director responds to Nadia Khan’s remarks

‘Jannat Se Aagay’ director Haseeb Hasan has responded to Nadia Khan’s remarks about the story of the drama.

It was the other day when former morning show host Nadia Khan criticised Har Pal Geo TV’s new drama serial Jannat Say Aagay over the portrayal of the character Jannat Ali Khan (Kubra Khan), who is a morning show host who is willing to do anything for TRPs.

The director of the drama in question in an Instagram post responding to Nadia Khan’s comments said, “Any celebrities on TV and social mediums have immense power to shape minds but, “too often, they wield it carelessly.”

“You educate children [with] the consequences of their behaviour through fiction. Similarly, you laud our national heroes; sometimes we portray corrupt police or government officers as characters. Andhera Ujala was a prime example but no one ever took it personally and said ‘keelein chubh rahi hain!”, Haseeb Hasan said.

“Celebrities hired to play paid critics on television show must deliver intelligent analysis and constructive critique while adhering to ethical standards,” he added.


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In a recent appearance on the TV show Kya Drama Hai with Mukarram Kaleem on 24 News, Nadia Khan expressed her reservations regarding the new drama featuring Kubra Khan and Ramsha Khan.

“Ham ne bohat achay achay kaam kiye hain aur koi ous kaam ko gaali de aur itna negatively bura project kare toh dukh hota hai (We have done a lot of good work and if someone curses it and projects it in such a negative light then it hurts),” Nadia Khan said on the show where the panel weekly reviews the current dramas on-air.

When the host asked Khan why she disliked the show so much given its fictitious nature, to which she responded, “It’s not fiction. Some of these things have happened, everybody knows. But a lot of good work has been done as well.” 

Nadia Khan went on to explain her point of view by saying, “While a lot of things portrayed in the show are correct, it is quite exaggerated and does not show the positive impact that morning shows have made.”

“This story is not for a drama, this can be a documentary, long play, or a telefilm,” she added.

“The show is based upon a completely negative narrative, which is not always the truth,” Khan commented adding that the two episodes she watched were very boring and hard to watch.

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