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Mansha Pasha addresses endorsing Faiza Beauty Cream

The market for fairness creams, bleaches and facewashes is huge and continues to grow each year since the obsession for fair skin is deep rooted in our society. From Shah Rukh Khan to other famous celebs, many are guilty of promoting this obsession. However, Mansha Pasha is clearly not one of them.

Recently, Mansha shared a picture of her herself on a beauty campaign flyer and cleared that she is not associated with the brand in any way.


“For the record, I haven’t done any fairness cream campaigns, I don’t believe in it.” She clarified that her picture has been used without her consent.

She also stressed upon the obsession with colour, admitting that her recent fair complexion has nothing to do with beauty creams. “Yes i used to be darker, im still tan but light, camera, angles make a huggge difference!”

Mansha takes pride in her complexion and that’s a message for all. Learn to be comfortable in your skin and stop discriminating on the basis of colour.

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