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Sana Bucha and DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Had A Twitter Spat

Although over, the fight has left us basically confused!

Sana Bucha and DG ISPR Asif GhafoorSana Bucha and DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor Had A Twitter Spat - OyeYeah News

Internet is a strange place and things further got out of hands as Twitter came into being. This platform of social interaction recently saw an unexpected verbal spat between journalist Sana Bucha and DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor – and it was unfathomable.

In response to a developmental work Tweet from ISPR, Sana Bucha took a dig at the Inter Services Public Relations of armed forces.

“In addition to dying dupatta, we also provide peco services,” tweeted the journalist.

sana bucha tweet1

Director General of the institution was not having it and he too took a jibe at Sana from his personal handle.

“Someone might have took advantage of your ignorance during the time you served here, I don’t know of any such service. And if you have any previous dues left, you can claim those too,” tweeted Major General Asif Ghafoor.

And Twitter had to see more coming…

“Sir why are you messing around? If I’ll answer, Colonel Shafeeq would call pleading to delete the tweet,” Sana answered.

“Also, perhaps on a different note, show some class. U represent the prestigious armed forces. Not your own private fight club,” she added.

sana bucha tweet

However, the weird Twitter fight came to an end as DG ISPR showed maturity and backed down.

“Not without a reason. I never initiated anything. Please see your unethical expressions which provoked a response from me & fellow Pakistanis. I am deleting my yesterday’s responses only respecting journalistic ethos. You can make your choice for now & future. It’s two to tango,” tweeted DG as he posted screenshots of Sana’s previous tweets taking a jibe at the ISPR.

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