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Affan Waheed and Madiha Imam’s chemistry make ‘Daadi Ka Damaad’ a great watch

Eid Special telefilm ‘Daadi Ka Daamad’ premiered on the second day of Eid. The telefilm had elicited tremendous pre-hype response for various reasons. One, Affan Waheed and Madiha Imam’s on-screen chemistry. Two, viewers always have high expectations from a project by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment. Three, a stellar supporting cast like veteran Bee Gul, Manzoor Qureshi, Hina Bayat, and Saifee Hassan raises the expectation bar to the optimum. The makers employ every trick from the book entertainment to woo the viewers and churn out a thoroughly enjoyable product. Let’s Analyze.

DAADI KA DAAMAD is about a young man Zaviyar (Affan Waheed) who comes to Pakistan after knowing about his grandmother’s (Bee Gul) ailment. Unfortunately, life doesn’t give her much time and she passes away. Zaviyar gets into a state of confusion when he gets to know the last wish of his grandmother which was that he becomes her son-in-law by marrying his cousin Anaya (Madiha Imam). Being a decent and kind-hearted guy; he decides to fulfill her wish to reunite two families; his grandmother’s and that of her long-lost brother’s.

Anaya is a free-spirited, rebellious girl who doesn’t digest the stereotypical rules of society. She wants to live life on her terms and doesn’t want to be treated like just another girl. The two families reunite and Zaviyar falls for Anaya. On the contrary, Anaya strongly opposes the last will of his grandmother. She finds it extremely unnecessary. The two finally get engaged.

Anaya is now upset and deliberately makes attempts and forces Zaviyar to call off the relationship. In a scene, Anaya is at Zaviyar’s place, she deliberately puts up a fake argument just to give wrong signals to her mother. In another scene, they are sitting in a continental restaurant and she asks him to order Pakistani cuisine. In the next moment, she says to take her to the park. Things get worse when the situations get out of control and Zaviyar gets beaten up by random strangers. Anaya crosses all the boundaries when she starts talking with his friend to make Zaviyar feel jealous. Zaviyar calls off the wedding; the entire family is upset as they don’t want their relations to suffer further. Finally, Anaya realizes her mistakes and apologizes to Zaviyar.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the telefilm is so thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable that you wait with bated breath for the story to unfold. The narrative changes track gradually. At one point, it becomes a clash of two egos. With Saima Waseem in the director’s seat and an interesting storyline on hand by Samira Fazal, you expect nothing but a qualitative product. And DAADI KA DAAMAD is one without hiccups. The director succeeds on various levels, but more than anything else she knows how to package an interesting story with superior performances and entertaining moments with aplomb.

Not to forget, the telefilm is embellished with marvelous performances. Affan Waheed is incredible, displaying his acting skills to the T. One of the most accomplished actors of this generation, Affan’s versatility is more than evident. He acts like a buffoon when required, but breathes fire when the situation demands. Madiha Imam looks ethereal and delivers a highly competent performance. This is another performance that will fetch her laurels. Manzoor Qureshi like always is first-rate, essaying the role like a true veteran. Hina Bayat is superb. She essays her part with aplomb. Farhan Ali Agha and Safiee Hassan stand out in their respective parts. Sidra Niazi was adequate.

On the whole, DAADI KA DAAMAD works in many ways. It appeals to those who enjoy light entertainers and also those who like family drama kinds of situations.




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