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Drama Mayi Ri draws flak for showing 15-year-old newly-wed Annie pregnant


Drama Mayi Ri draws flak for showing the 15-year-old newly-wed lead character Annie pregnant!

Things have gone south as the story in the drama Mayi Ri has progressed.

Based on the sensitive topic of child marriage, Mayi Ri, after its 41st episode raises serious questions about the portrayal of such matters in popular media.

ARY Digital’s Mayi Ri stars young actors Aina Asif as Annie and Samar Abbas as Faakhir, who are cousins married to each other amid family ties.

It seems like audiences were having a good time watching the glorified romance of minors as the drama has massive views on YouTube.

But the new twist in the story has left viewers at a crossroads!

A user on X wrote that MayiRi has huge viewership & there is a pregnant girl who is 15 years old & shown to be happily married. How brain-dead do you have to be to glorify child marriage? Nobody cares if you show their marriage was a wrong decision in the last episode or whatever. This is just so wrong!!

Another wrote. “The pregnancy was in the teasers. Aini & Faakhir were born out of child marriages. It’s a vicious cycle. a BLOW to Aini’s future – & that’s the point. The TREATMENT is the issue. Intimacy at a young age is huge. It needed to be handled sensitively. That’s the problem.”



Another social media user shared: I was and still am a fan of #Mayiri but DID THEY REALLY HAD TO SHOVE IN THE PREGNANCY STORYLINE!? when I saw the promo of ep 41 I was gaslighting myself into believing kay chalo koi nhi, they are just showing kay itna kam krke aur stress ki wajah say she fainted but the moment dr came and announced that I WAS SPEECHLESS AND I COULDNT EVEN SAY ANYTHING PROPERLY BECAUSE I WAS WITH MY FAMILY! BUT REALLY!? REALLY!? they could’ve shown so many other things for awareness but no. straight in the trash the storyline goes.

“I am so done with this crap show #MayiRi, the writer did such a pathetic job cause this is not at all how you address “the child marriage” issue by romanticizing it sm; the girl is now pregnant…you wanna say two underage kids did se*???” another said.


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