Helmet can save you from timeouts! Pindi traffic police get creative with Mathews’s dismissal

Angelo Mathews became the first ever batter to be TIMED OUT in international cricket which has a 146-year-long history!

Pindi traffic police have got creative with Mathews’s time-out dismissal!

The Rawalpindi Traffic Police came up with a creative helmet warning for motorcyclists after the Sri Lankan cricketer Angelo Mathews became the first batter in the history of international cricket to be timed out amid the bad headgear controversy.

The awareness message generated by Rawalpindi Traffic Police posted on social media featured Mathews’s image showing him leaving the field holding his helmet as he left the field given the controversial Timed Out.

“Sorry, but a good helmet can save you from being timed out. A helmet is not only necessary for a motorcyclist, it is also mandatory,” the awareness message reads.

Sri Lanka all-rounder Angelo Mathews became the first-ever batter to be timed out in the history of international cricket during the World Cup 2023 group match against Bangladesh in New Delhi on Monday

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