Shyraa Roy sets up a benchmark with Duniya premiere

Shyraa Roy has set up a benchmark with the Duniya premiere!

We were all aware of the upcoming single by Shyraa Roy Duniya which was coming and hence it came with a power-packed show in Lahore a few days back at Dha cinema, were shocked to see such a big star-studded night even bigger than a movie premiere.

Shyraa Roy said, “It’s a great input by me to bring cinema back by my small contribution towards Pakistani cinemas by making music video premieres and a red carpet which has not been done before ever by any other artist so far I believe I’m the one who started the trend of music video launches in cinemas and bring the feel of theatrical releases back instead of OTT or social media releases”.



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We are superbly glad to see that the song got such a big milage by the premiere night of Duniya.

It is not really less than putting a benchmark in the music industry by Shyraa Roy.




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