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YouTuber Adil Raja released after eight hours of investigation

Taking to Twitter, Adil Raja expressed his commitment to continue his struggle for the supremacy of the Constitution.

YouTuber Adil Raja is reported to have been released after eight hours of investigation in London on Wednesday.

It was earlier reported in the day that the social media activist known for his controversial content on his YouTube channel, Adil Raja was arrested on a complaint filed by the government of Pakistan.

According to a news source, former Army serviceman, Adil Farooq Raja, was taken into custody by Scotland Yard from the city of Luton.

YouTuber posing to be a journalist was summoned for questioning by the investigators for his alleged involvement in incitement to violence through YouTube and other social media platforms, the source claimed.

Retired Maj turned activist, Adil Farooq Raja, in a tweet on Wednesday said, “There have been many rumors about me and my welfare. Alhamdullilah, I am well. I remain fully committed to raising a voice against fascism and for democracy in Pakistan. I will continue to advocate people’s democratic right to peaceful protest as the only way to bring about real change. A sea of peaceful protesters can achieve the change, which violent protest can not as violence can only be counterproductive..”

He went on to add, “The only way forward for Pakistan to bring political and economic stability, which every Pakistani, regardless of political affiliation desires, is through free and fair elections and ‘uninterrupted’ democracy. All institutions working ‘within their powers’, as mandated by the constitution, are vital for the success of Pakistan. Criticism of individuals should never be allowed to undermine the institutions. I am humbled by all the prayers, concerns, and good wishes sent my way.

“My thoughts and prayers are always with each and every Pakistani who wants a better and peaceful future in our beautiful land,” he concluded.


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