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Peak hour rates & tariff increase, here is why your electricity charges have jumped

Turn off the ACs and irons from 6.30pm to 10:30pm


After approval from NEPRA, K-Electric has announced an increase in their charges. Those using 300-units or above per month, will pay extra. However, consumer utilizing under 300-units will continue to pay the same per unit rate.

Consumers who utilize between 300-700 units will be paying a rate of Rs17.60 per unit. While those consuming more than 700 units will be charged Rs20.70 per unit. For those sanctioned load 5Kw, peak and off peak rates will apply. Peak hours are between 6.30pm to 10.30 pm and Rs20.70 per unit will be charged. During off peak, charges are 14.38 per unit.

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However, meter rent and bank charges will not be charged with the bills, which would mean altogether Rs15.5 rupee saving. The revision is made with the consumer-end tariff policy which is applicable across Pakistan.

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