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Akram Cheema PTI’s Karachi chapter president quits party

Mohammad Akram Cheema, Pakistan Tehereek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi chapter president quits the party!

He announced his resignation on Wednesday by holding a press conference at Karahi Press Club, from the party positions and basic membership while vowing to continue his political journey.

Cheema who came out of days of hiding, demanded that those involved in the May 9 riots be identified and held accountable as a deterrent.

“What message did the individuals involved in the violent events of May 9 want to convey to the world? Our armed forces were targeted on that day… even Captain Colonel Sher Khan’s statue was desecrated,” he said.

He said that war hero MM Alam’s jet was also targeted who achieved the remarkable feat of downing five Indian Air Force jets in only one minute during the 1965 war.

“The sanctity of the four walls was violated by attacking the home of a corps commander. Damaging properties in the guise of protests was not appropriate. After May 9, two cases were also filed against me, so I went into hiding and have now come out on bail,” he added.

Cheema was elected as a member of the National Assembly from NA-239 Korangi in 2018.



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