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Russian Covid Vaccine Sputnik V Faces Setback Due to Shortage

Russia who had been a front-runner in the Covid-19 vaccine and its variant Sputnik V which was on phase III of the clinical trial has now faced a setback. As per the report, out of 25 centers in Moscow eight have run out of the vaccine dosages to be given to the volunteers.

Due to the shortage, the Ministry of External Affairs has said India’s vaccine production and delivery capabilities will be utilized to take coronavirus vaccines to the world population.

“As announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech to the UN General Assembly last month, India’s vaccine production and delivery capacity will be used to help all humanity in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic,” MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said.

Earlier Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, which was conducting the India trials of Sputnik V, had to pause the trials after the Indian drug controller ordered a stop as Dr. Reddy’s Labs suffered a data breach in its servers. Now the country aims at utilizing its production and delivery capacity as well as enhance its cold storage facility to continue the process.

On the other end, pharmaceuticals such as Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca claim that they are on track with the Covid-19 vaccine trials.

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