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Kickboxer Agha Kaleem is proud of his chief supporter Ali Zafar

Agha Kaleem won an impressive international MMA title

Kickboxer Agha Kaleem is proud of his chief supporter singer-actor Ali Zafar.

Agha Kaleem has made the nation proud by winning an impressive international MMA title.


During a recent interview with HUM News, Kaleem opened up about his journey in kickboxing.

Kaleem acknowledged singer Ali Zafar’s pivotal role in his remarkable success.

He revealed how Ali Zafar’s unwavering support and belief in him had been instrumental in his achievements.

Agha Kaleem shared his views that without Zafar’s mentorship and encouragement, he might have abandoned his kickboxing dreams.

Kaleem thanked Zafar for his triumph and confessed that he could have given up on his kickboxing ambitions without Zafar’s encouragement, in a X-platform conversation as well.

The exchange concluded as Kaleem expressed his deep affection, writing, “Love You Ali bhai.”

World kickboxing champion Agha Kaleem, amid financial crunch had been working at a local tea stall making parathas (fried bread) — was recently promised support by former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi and musician Ali Zafar.

Kaleem failed to gather sponsors to support his profession despite his spectacular achievements and numerous medals.

The Quetta-born athlete had also shared a video with Ali Zafar, in which the singer affirmed his support for the kickboxing champion.

Afridi reshared a video of Kaleem on the microblogging platform in which the latter can be seen making parathas.

Afridi also announced that he would support Kaleem.

“We are fully ready to take this responsibility and help you reach milestones in your career inshaAllah. Please reach out to @SAFoundationN and @megastarsleague that has been created for this purpose — I have alerted both teams. They will connect you to the tools you need,” Afridi said.


Kaleem had been all-Karachi champion 10 times, Wushu champion three times, Muay Thai champion twice and national champion three times.



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