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Kaptaan makes a Hattrick!

#MubarakImranKhan was the top trend last night

Imran Khan's third marriageImran Khan's third marriage with Bushra bibi - OyeYeah News

Pakistan’s most popular leader Imran Khan tied the knot for the third time last night, this time with Bushra Maneka. Regarded as Khan’s spiritual mentor, Bushra Bibi has now become Khan Sahab’s third wife; rumors about which had been circulating for quite some time now. However, PTI put all speculations to rest with the Nikah announcement and it seems, Kaptaan has finally had his hattrick.

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Last night I was loving my TL, as Khan sahab’s wedding was all over twitter and  hash tag #MubarakImranKhan was the top trend.  All top leadership of PTI, journalists and celebrities were congratulating Imran Khan. Insaafians seem exuberant to have another bhabi 🙂

It was a very simple gathering of very close friends and family member where the auspicious Nikah ceremony took place in Lahore. Bushra Bibi seems a very pious lady as she was observing a veil through out the ceremony and has not shown her face. According to news, Bushra Bibi will not take charge of any party activities and will devote her time to home and family.

Twitter was very active last night, the hilarious part were the number of tweets coming in from the fake accounts and those congratulating Imran Khan albeit the sarcasm. Have a look

Reham Khan (fake account) chose to congratulate the leader

This guy had a suggestion!

And we love this guy’s determination!

Let’s all have a throwback on IK’s expense!

He speaks our heart!

Raiwind’s wind is quite tight at the moment!

Bhai Ka Scene On Hai

Surely Imran Khan has taken the world again by a storm, here’s Oye Yeah wishing Imran Khan a happy wedded life!

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