Top crime fiction books that won’t do you wrong

Some must-read books for the lovers of intense crime writing


Crime fiction is the only genre that can hold mystery, thriller, horror, excitement and drama at once and still make it work wonderfully. Thousands of books have been written and tons of movies have been made in this genre. A good crime fiction novel has a quality of keeping the reader intrigued while not losing attention from the words. Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler, P.D. James; these are some huge names when it comes to the best crime writers of all time and no one has ever been able to replace them. However, many good writers came a century after these writers’ times. Here are some crime-fiction books by such writers that will keep you excited and intrigued.

1. Kane and Abel series – Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is best known for his crime fiction book series called Kane and Abel which consists of three books. It is basically based on political conspiracies and related crimes but Archer has made sure to keep you stick to these books till you finish them. The plot, writing style and suspense; everything about this series is simply worth it!

2. Master of the game – Sidney Sheldon

Sheldon’s work has a specific style which never gets boring for the reader. The protagonists in his stories are always women, who are characterized as strong and adventurous individuals.

His work Master of the game is the story of lives of four generations of a family. This New York Times best seller left people becoming huge fans of Sheldon as this book was a major success for him. Adventure, rivalry, revenge, love, hate, success, murder, drama, jealousy, money; this novel has everything to offer that an excellently written crime-fiction work would.

3. Millennium series – Stieg Larson, David Lagercrantz

Many movies have been made on the stories adapted from books of this series and proved to be a massive success. Having 5 books in total, 3 by Stieg Larson while the rest 2 by David Lagercrantz; this series is about a girl who is a lot more than what she looks like and is capable of doing much more than what one might expect of her. This series is something that will keep you turning pages till you reach the end.

4. Cormoran Strike series – Robert Galbraith aka J.K. Rowling

We all know J. K. Rowling as the creator and the mastermind behind Harry Potter series. But how many of you knew that she’s an amazing crime writer? Well, this novel series shows us that she is definitely a wizard of words. Cormoran Strike series has 3 books, all based on the investigations by the protagonist of the series named Cormoran Strike. This series is a must read if you love suspense, investigative and detective stuff.

5. Robert Langdon series – Dan Brown

Well, this series is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if you truly appreciate the art of writing or if you are an avid reader, you will be head over heels for this series of novels by Dan Brown.
Robert Langdon is a fictional protagonist, portrayed as a symbolist, iconologist, and a professor at Harvard University. He is too much into his subjects and is an expert of his field, but what lies ahead completely changes his life. It is definitely a book series worth reading.

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