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9 Pakistani artists make it to Top 50 Asian Stars list of 2022

Nine Pakistanis artists have been included in the top 50 Asian Stars of 2022 list!

The Top 50 Asian Stars list includes Pakistani artists Fawad Khan, Sajal Aly, Atif Aslam, Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, Humayun Saeed, Hadiqa Kiana, Arooj Aftab, and Riz Ahmed.

Eastern Eyelist features Fawad Khan ranked second on the list.

Atif Aslam, 2022’s, most-streamed Pakistani singer, is on the 13th spot while Sajal Aly is ranked 16th on the list.

Riz Ahmed, the British Asian actor won a Best Live Action Short Film Oscar for “The Long Goodbye”, ranks 17th.

Arooj Aftab, the New York-based singer and first Pakistani woman to win a Grammy for Best Global Music Performance, is in the 38th spot.

Hadiqa Kiani, Pakistan’s music icon-philanthropist, who made her mark with her humanitarian work following the catastrophic floods, landed 40th on the list.

Pakistan’s heartthrob star who made his Netflix debut this year, Humayun Saeed featured at the 45th position on the list.

While the Pasori sensation Shae Gill and Ali Sethi shared the 46th position.



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