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Ali Zafar shares screenshots of Meesha Shafi’s message on social media

Amidst ‘fake accounts’ revelation, the actor claimed the profiles are now in FIA’s notice


Ali Zafar and Meesha Shafi’s fiasco has reached to another level stirring hype; the Teefa in Trouble star shared a screenshot of years- old message from Meesha Shafi on his Twitter handle.

Zafar asserted on his allegations leveled against Meesha for lying on Television and social media, shared a post from his legal team with a verse from Quran.

“When truth is hurled against falsehood, falsehood perishes, for falsehood is by its nature bound to perish.’ Quran 17:81”


The actor mentioned that Meesha specifically messaged about the jamming session to his manager Jalal thanking him for all the efforts he had done to make the show a huge success.

The Total Siyapaa actor also tweeted the screenshots of fake Instagram users voicing their support for Meesha Shafi, claimed that the profiles are now in FIA’s notice hoping that prompt action would be taken against the perpetrators.

One of the screenshot highlighted an Instagram user claiming that her picture was being used by an account that was used in the smear campaign against Ali Zafar.

“Here is the evidence to show how a narrative was being planted through fake accounts using pictures of women who didn’t even know about it. People tagged are worth noticing. Naturally, all these accounts are now shutting down after the matter has been take up by the FIA. #crime.” The actor tweeted.


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  • I saw the interview recently with Meesha. She didnt deny but she didnt confirm it either. She said she would have to check.

    I feel when you come on an interview you need to prepare yourself. So she should have known the answer to this obvious question in advance. Anyways we dont know if the profile sending the message was Meeshas, or if it is a fake profile made with a certain agenda or if she was simply keeping things friendly etc.

    I hope she will adress this. That said victims dont always react with common sense. Also the message seems to be a group message so maybe she wanted to keep thinks cordial and light.

    We dont know anything. We just have to wait for the trial.

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