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Arif Ali, ‘Preeto’ MV famed former model, arrested for fake bomb threat on Malaysian flight

Arif Ali, ‘Preeto’ music video famed former Pakistani model, is reported to have been arrested for making a fake bomb threat on a Malaysian flight.

A 45-year-old man was reported to have been arrested after he allegedly disrupted a Malaysian Airlines flight MH122 from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur, which was forced to turn around mid-flight and land back in Sydney International Airport.
The developing story had left the Australian newsrooms in panic.

The flight was forced to turn back to Sydney after the man later identified as Arif Ali claimed to have “explosives” in his backpack, according to Australian police.

The incident caused alarm among passengers and crew of the flight, prompted evacuation once the authorities confirmed the safety of the aircraft.

Arif Ali is now a resident of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, featured in renowned Pakistani singer Arar-ul-Haq’s song, “Preeto” and as an actor appeared in a sitcom, “Kollege Jeans”.

According to his LinkedIn profile, he graduated from NCA in 2002. He worked as an architect at a number of firms in Karachi and Lahore from 2002-2016.

The now viral posts on social media reveal how Arif Ali was causing scenes on a Kuala Lumpur-bound flight from Sydney and his appearance came as an utter shock for most of the netizens.

He can be seen fervently praying in the airplane’s aisle in the footage, and was observed repeatedly asking fellow passengers whether they considered themselves “a slave of Allah.”





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