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“Azaad is the most difficult character of my career,” says Moammar Rana

You look at things that are happening in Indian occupied Kashmir, it is so depressing. You don’t expect to talk about regional politics much when you interview a hero. But this is a film which is not just a love story. Happily ever after is interrupted by occupation by an outside force and this is what the movie is about.

So this really is an unconventional interview with the lead hero of the upcoming film, Azaadi. A film that pledges to give a voice to the people of Kashmir. Read on to find out what Moammar Rana as Azaad is expecting of his comeback film.


“Usually, in movies I dance around. This was different. I am playing a freedom fighter. And therefore I had to dig deep inside of me and bring out that passion. I have had this feeling, this longing for a separate homeland. Thankfully, we have Pakistan, but I had to imagine in my head what it would be not have a free country. How far would a person go? What sacrifices he would make? How would he feel, what would his look be and most importantly, how would he behave in daily life. These were most important for me. When I was offered the film, I took my time to become Azaad for my director. It was a daunting task and I hope I have been able to do justice with the film,” shares a passionate Moammar Rana. Azaadi marks the comeback for the Yeh Dil Apka Hoa star, and it seems like he has tried to give it his all.

Moammar Rana has also had a change in his physical appearance for the film as well. “I trained doubly hard for this film. Physically, it was an overwhelming experience. We try to create similar conditions our brothers in Kashmir face, so we shot at these hill stations. Just to survive there is a massive problem, let alone shoot a film. I decided not to use any body doubles, so everything you see is me. In thunderous winds and adverse weather conditions, we shot this film. A lot of credit must go to Sonya, the other member of cast and obviously crew and the director,” adds Moammar Rana.


So we know all about the process of the character building and film making, what are his expectations from the audiences?

“I am a public’s hero. I work for them. So, this film is for them. I hope they love it. Kashmir is such an emotional issue for our people that I think someone needed to make this film. They need a voice. But there are Lollywood style songs and romance in the film, catering to the commercial masses. Sonya, has done a wonderful job. And I do hope that film works. We haven’t seen a film in recent years. It may bring out a different audience to the cinemas as well.”

We do miss that aura of a hero, a Pakistan Salman Khan if you will. With Azaadi and Teefa in Trouble, perhaps Pakistani film makers are perhaps going in that direction.
So, will his fan see more films any time soon?


“I have signed two films. They haven’t been given a title yet. Plus I plan to direct a film too. So lots of things on the horizon,” adds Rana for his fans who are already excited to see him on screen.

The film releases on Eid, which typically brings out mass audience to the cinema. While competition is steep this time around, the Azaadi team remains very confident!

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