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Azaadi producer responds to claims made by Moammar Rana

Lollywood actor Moammar Rana, who had been away from the big screen recently made his comeback with Irfan Malik’s film Azaadi. However, the relationship between the two seems to have taken an ugly turn as the actor claims that the producer is not paying him for his work.
The Azaadi actor took to Facebook to make this shocking announcement:

The news shocked everyone and took social media by storm. Irfan then posted a detailed reply on Facebook qouting Imran khan as well as the Holy Quran.

“Imran khan said it right! We are a nation of donkeys and start following and commenting on a narrative or issue we know nothing about.”

He stated that he  was under the impression that the status was about thanking him to give him a lead role in a project that brought him respect, however, it was the exact opposite of gratitude.

We hope both the parties solve the matter soon without further mudslinging.

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