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Fellow Celebrities Endorse Hania Amir’s ‘Embrace Yourself’ Stance

After Hania, Mehwish Hayat and Nadia Hussain too shared their no makeup pictures with confident


A few days ago Parwaz Hai Junoon actress Hania Amir took to Instagram and shared her struggles of battling with acne. The actress came out in an attempt to shatter the unrealistic beauty standards and intended to make people realize that it’s okay to have ‘flaws’.


Soon after Yasir Hussain tried to mock Hania on her skin problems, and after a befitting reply from the actress, decided to step back.

Now, after Hania other actresses and models have also come out and shared their own no makeup/ no filter images with absolute courage.

Taking it to her Instagram, actress Mehwish Hayat said, “Flawsome is awesome.”


“Away from the studio lights, the cameras, and the glamorous makeup, we all battle with the same skin problems and insecurities as any other girl. Let’s embrace it – its called being a woman,” Mehwish wrote beautifully.

Model Nadia Hussain, who had posted a makeup-less picture of herself last year, shared the image.


“It’s been one full year since I posted this picture. Now I’m so happy to see other celebrities embrace their real self in unedited pics being proud of being flawless and awesome,” Nadia captioned her post. She further asked other fellow celebrities to post their pictures without makeup and filters to promote realness.

Model Fia Khan was also amongst the power girls to share her picture. Captioned with a beautiful poem, Fia’s photo said, “She just wants to be beautiful, she goes unnoticed she knows no limits.”


Albeit that Yasir Hussain had gotten quite a brilliant reply from Hania, superstar Mahira Khan also lent support to the budding starlet.

In a Tweet with a screenshot of Hania’s reply, Mahira said, “I’m not laughing either. Nobody is! Hania Aamir thank you and proud of you for showing courage as well as grace.”


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