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“Chemo affected my vision,” Sonali Bendre continues to be a warrior against cancer

The lady recently announced her latest read in an Instagram post


Sonali Bendre has been an inspiration for all those suffering from cancer and otherwise. The Bollywood starlets outlook on life and how she has handled cancer are definitely commendable. Recently, Sonali was seen at Priyanka Chopra’s bridal shower, partying her heart out with the bride to be and this time, she’s here, sharing her latest addition to Sonali’s Book Club, despite a weak vision, courtesy chemotherapy sessions.

“My eyesight was doing strange things due to the chemo and I couldn’t read for a while. Was panicking a bit, but now all is well again!” wrote Sonali sharing how chemotherapy had been playing its game after unending sessions.

However, not the one to shy back, Sonali, bounced back immediately and announced her latest read despite her wavering vision.


“The next book for SBC is set in the city I’m currently in, New York… it’s called A Little Life by @hanyayanagihara. It’s been nominated for so many literary awards and is a story of friendship and ambition. We’ve read books with female friendships before, but this is our first one on friendship among boys… Should be interesting,” wrote the Diljale star.

It seems, Sonali, who might have been affected in health by her unending chemo sessions and deteriorating health, is soaring high in spirits. And with a resolve as high and might and very strong like Sonali’s she’s bound to beat the cancer in its face and rise up like a phoenix once again.

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