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Comedian Faiza Saleem proves she’s badass! Has the most fun at her wedding!

This is exactly how everything should be!


Every girl dreams of being a bride one day. No, we’re not stereotyping women, but yes, deep down in their hearts, ever girl does dream of a happy wedding, a guy who’ll love her and put her before everything else in the world and respect her as she deserves to be respected.

With that thought in mind, we all grow up. However, together with us, grow up the thoughts instilled in our minds. Girls look good staying with certain limits. No, you don’t laugh openly. You cannot sit with your legs wide open. No, absolutely no dancing on your own wedding. All because log kia kahain gai! Poor girls. We cannot have fun on our own weddings because we have people and their mindless thinking to worry about.

But not Faiza Saleem. This bindass-badass girl decided she would have all the fun at her wedding and she went ahead. A comedian and an actor by choice, Faiza Saleem, not only stunned as a bride, she choose to wear sneakers with her bridal attire and then dance to her heart’s content.

In an Instagram post, Faiza shared why she went ahead to have the most fun on her wedding and why we should be doing the same too.

“I had decided to have the most fun at my wedding. I asked my mom for her approval and after that I didn’t really care ke log kya kahenge (what will people say),” she began.


“I added conditions to my nikkahnama (based on a mutually respectful conversation with my husband to be)…I hosted and performed at my shadi’s comedy night and had my comedian friends roast me (maybe that wasn’t the best idea). I entered dancing with Abuzer and friends at our mehndi and danced throughout with my sneakers on.”

Adding further, Faiza wrote, “As women we are expected not to be happy at our wedding. But why not? I’m marrying the love of my life… everyone who matters is happy for me or should be happy for me. Then why should I let nobodies dictate when, where and how I should express my emotions? If someone doesn’t like it, then too bad too sad.”

“Tomorrow I will marry Abuzer iA and I pray that we continue to be happy together because you know what? Happy brides make everyone else happy too,” Faiza ended on an inspiring note and yes, we couldn’t agree less.

You go Faiza! Here’s wishing you and Abuzer a happy married life!

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