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Famous YouTuber Sham Idrees announces separation from wife Froggy

The content creator duo tied the knot four years ago

Famous YouTuber couple Sham Idrees and Froggy are on the brink of divorce!

Taking it to social media YouTuber Sham Idrees announces separation from his wife Sehar aka Froggy.

The YouTuber requested everyone some ‘privacy during this difficult time.’

On his Instagram story, Sham Idrees wrote, “I would like to announce that me and Froggy are taking some time away from each other in our relationship. Please don’t involve me in issues concerning Froggy, Rabail or any of the other family members. I appreciate some privacy during this difficult time.”

Canada-based YouTubers have a following of 2.21 million and 844,000 subscribers respectively. They both have been embroiled in controversy quite a few times.

However, many of us won’t be surprised if next week Sham Idrees and Froggy come up and call their separation announcement a ‘prank’ and laugh it off.
From COVID misinformation to derogatory content towards Pakistanis in Pakistan, don’t expect too much from the duo.


The couple tied the knot four years back and have two children, Sierra, two, and Shanaya, four months.

Idrees also has another daughter, Dua, 10, from his previous marriage.

Having a massive following has led hashtag #ShamIdress to trend on the Twitter timeline, with all sorts of reactions towards the Sham Idress separation announcement.



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