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The most flamboyant stars of all time in the music industry

It is nothing new to see a celebrity dressed outrageously or seeing stars dressed up in costumes that are too much out-there. Still, there are some iconic names of stars that instantly click our mind when we think of tremendously weird costumes.

Lady Gaga


Okay. When it comes to weird dressing, Lady Gaga is the first name that I think of. But this is not something new for her. She has always been dressing like this and this has kind of become her style. The surprising thing is that she pulls such costumes so well! I’m sure no one else can be as diva as her in such outfits especially when we know that she is such an amazing singer. She says that she is heavily influenced by the style of David Bowie. She even paid a tribute to Bowie in Grammys 2016 where she dressed up just like him.

David Bowie


Besides being a banger on stage with the sorcery of his music, Bowie was definitely a style icon. His different and unique get-ups were always on point and he actually gave those styles a recognition. His most famous style was of a character that he created named Ziggy Stardust. In fact, his style is still appreciated all over the world and YouTube sensation Jeffree Star even recreated his look.



Well, it wasn’t long ago when no one of us knew what Sia looked liked. She always stayed undercover during her performances and/or when it was time for any public appearances. But her look has always been extremely extravagant yet classy and fabulous! Her usual get-up is a black & blonde wig that covers most of, sometimes her whole face. One thing is for sure, that she’s a true artist who inspired us simply with her gorgeous and power-packed voice.




Here, we are talking about stylish and flamboyant celebrities, so how could Riri be left behind?
Rihanna, since the beginning of her career, has been such a stylish image. Besides being a musical sensation, she’s been on a number of fashion magazine titles. Not only that, she even launched her outclass brand Fenty Beauty that offers some really bomb beauty products.

Katy Perry


Katy Perry wasn’t always an extravagant star but in recent years she’s become a lot outlandish, and we’re loving it! She’s been killing the dress-up game on red carpets as well as on her stage performances. Beautiful and bold at the same time, she’s certainly not coming slow with such get-ups. Everyone knows she’s a one true diva that is both talented and quirky!

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