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Frieha Altaf upset with Iman Aly’s cheap publicity stunts

Frieha Altaf said Iman had indulged in surprising behavior only as cheap publicity stunts since she had a movie coming up

frieha-altafFrieha Altaf upset with Iman Aly's cheap publicity stunts - OyeYeah News

Iman Aly’s recent interview with Iffat Omar has garnered all sorts of attention, much for the controversies, it generated.

Iman, in what is being deemed as distasteful comments, condescends fellow actors especially the very successful Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. The model turned actress went as far as stating that Mahira Khan should only have stayed a VJ.

Iman Aly also commented on models for not being intelligent, which didn’t sit well with model Musk Kaleem, who then hit back at Iman Ali for what she said to be ‘condescending remarks.’

And now, after Mushk, it seems, even PR Queen, Frieha Altaf isn’t happy about Iman’s disregard for her fellow actors.

“Im extremely surprised in Iman Ali’s behavior. She demeans not just models but criticized Mahira khan & Fawad Khan. A cheap publicity stunt as she has a movie coming up. Shame on anyone who ridicules success with condescension”,  wrote Frieha on her Twitter.

Even fashion designer Maheen Khan agreed with Frieha stating Iman had shown disappointing behavior and would emerge as a loser in the end.

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