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Iman Ali is thinking of leaving Pakistan

Iman Ali said that the useless things of my interviews go viral and the important things are left.

Iman Ali is thinking of leaving Pakistan!

Pakistan’s beautiful actress and model Iman Ali shared her thoughts while making an appearance at Sama TV’s show Had Kar Di With Momin Saqib.

“I am thinking of leaving Pakistan,” she said at a point replying to the host.

When Momin asked her when the country’s economy will be fine.

To which Iman Ali replied that only then I am thinking of leaving Pakistan, enough is enough!

“My husband is Canadian, so where he is, I am,” she said with a smile.

She answered the questions of the host Momin Saqib in a humorous manner.

The actress further said that “if I get a chance to meet a single person, I would like to meet the Quaid-e-Azam, and I will ask him how do you feel about the situation in the country? Do you think we made a mistake? The condition of the people of the country was not worth it.”

Iman revealed that she wanted to be a chef in the past and she loves to cook, so she keeps making new dishes.

She went on to say that, “I can’t praise redundant people, redundant people have to be praised in the morning show.”

Iman Ali said she never wants to be a morning show host. She thinks that anyone can be invited to the morning show and all you have to do is sit and praise the redundant people.

Iman Ali further said that the useless things of my interviews go viral and the important things are left.

In response to another question, she said that I am angry with social media because people are misbehaving there, we have to be cheap people and take pictures, so there is no starry feeling, at least no camera. 

She further said that she doesn’t respond to criticism on social media, “I don’t insult anyone, I don’t insult anyone”.


Iman Ali said that she  loves cricket a lot and Shahid Afridi is her favorite player.




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