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In conversation with Anzhelika Tahir, participant Miss Supranational 2018 pageant

Anzhelika attain 14th position at the pageant.


Miss Pakistan 2015, Anzhelika Tahir recently participated in Miss Supranational 2018 pageant held in Poland. We at OyeYeah had a chance to have a chit chat with 24-years, Pakistani-Ukranian sensation about her recent achievements and her overall journey towards beauty pageants.

At Miss Supranational 2018 pageant Pakistan got into top10 talent and Anzhelika attain 14th position at the pageant. It’s a great achievement, especially for the 1st time appearance.

One thing for sure,  Miss Pakistan has  a beautiful heart as she replies to all the questions in a very heartwarming manner. Read on to find out what this young lady has to say, answering our questions:

OY: What motivated you to contest in Beauty pageants?
Anzhelika: I always wanted to work in a fashion and beauty industry. I wanted to be in front of the camera. First dream of mine was to become a model, which I did. But later I decided to bring my childhood dream of becoming a national beauty queen to come true and tried myself in Miss Pakistan World pageant. I worked hard to archive the best results. And, honestly, that was my best decision till now. Because it turned my career  internationally. I’m unbelievably thankful for this opportunity.

OY: Describe your journey in Miss Supranational 2018 pageant.
Anzhelika: It happened very suddenly for me to go there. My manager somehow made a deal and we decided to enter this pageant for the first time ever. This is a huge platform and a very well-known contest, it’s one of the biggest contests in the world with huge audience! So I took it very seriously. I didn’t have that much time to prepare but I’ve done my best.

This is a great platform with such a friendly atmosphere, where great and intelligent women from all around the world (this time there was 74 contestants) come to fight for crown.

I enjoyed my time a lot. Since day two we started to have rehearsals. The choreography as quite difficult so usually we spent 5 hours per day for trainings. I want to admit an amazing job of our choreographers who also work with “dance with stars” TV show.

During staying there, we had swimsuit competition, top model competition, press conference, evening gown preliminary, talent show etc. every day was full of work but also fun, as we became friends and really enjoyed our time.

OY: Which one was your favorite segment and why?
Anzhelika: I love prejudgement interview, because this is the time when judges can see you and the most important – hear you. You can open up yourself from a different side which is not yet discovered. This is one of the most important segments of the show. This time we were judged by all previous queens of Miss Supranational.


OY: How would you elaborate that these platforms help to voice choices and opinions.
Anzhelika: Beauty pageants are an amazing platform for girls from all around the world to be seen and heard. No one cares where are you coming from: from little village or a big city, from rich family or poor, do you have parents or not. No one judges you by your race. People want to hear your story. You have to have something to tell. And this is the place, where the whole world has a chance to meet you and, if your luck, to support you and your legacy. I took this opportunity seriously and I understood a huge responsibility behind it. It’s not only I’m building my carrier and working on my programs, I’m also encouraging young girls to do the step to their dream, to leave the comfort zone and to become a role model to someone. We live in a century of equality and changes and I’m proud to be a part of it.

OY: What is your definition of beauty?
Anzhelika: It’s not about nose or lips, or face at all. Beauty is an impression. Beauty is a confidence. Beauty is the energy that shines and brights the whole room when someone’s coming into. To me beauty is about that elegance, class, smile, kindness, manners and courage.

OY: You are a firm believer of gender equality, want to work for the cause. Could you elaborate how?
Anzhelika: The idea of equality nowadays is taken for granted in the western world. But we know the different story. Unfortunately, not everywhere women are having equal rights. And my mission as a female is to spread the word of equality, to show our existing problems to the world and take part in fixing them.

OY: Any message you would like to share with your fans.
Anzhelika: I would love to thank to all the people who had supported me and believed at me. It is not only about like or dislike, it’s about loving your country and rooting for it. It was an amazing journey for me which I will never forget! I hope that next Miss Pakistan will bring even more success to our country than I did. Lots of love and kisses, Anzhelika.

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