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Indian Celebrities Who Dared to Raise Voice in Support of Kashmiris

Indian occupied Kashmir that is currently under another wave of oppression by the Indian government is fighting for its sovereignty and Indian media – known for propaganda – is busy narrating a false narrative. Thanks to India media’s twisted reporting, Indian public and Bollywood celebrities are celebrating the scrapping of Article 370 – through which Kashmir’s independence has been snubbed – and regarding it as a historic decision for greater ‘Hindustan’.

Little do they know – or have become oblivious – to the bloodshed, killing and atrocities being carried out by the Indian government in Jammu Kashmir to deprive people from their basic human rights.

Fortunately, some Bollywood celebs are not turning a deaf ear to Kashmir’s plea and have taken it upon their shoulder to raise voice for the oppressed Kashmiris. Amid the hate mongering, there’s a slight glimpse of sanity and we commend it.

Indian actress Dia Mirza took to Twitter and prayed for Kashmir as others might have forgotten in the false spirit of celebration.

“My thoughts are with  #Kashmir. Praying for peace, #KashmirNeedsAttention,” wrote the actress.

Zaira Wasim – who recently quit Bollywood owing to her religious sentiments – also Tweeted for Kashmir.

Actor Sanjay Suri was also among those who tried to maintain sanity amid the chaos.

“An appeal to all. Many many have lost their lives & suffered. I request one and all to show love , care, grace, respect, dignity to one and all. Frivolous msgs and talks will not help!” wrote Suri.

Brother and sister Saqib Saleem and Huma Qureshi who belong to Jammu Kashmir also took to Twitter to create awareness regarding the Kashmir issue. Albeit that the siblings were threatened by Indian extremist elements, they stood for the right cause.

“I am a proud Indian who loves his country . But if I feel like somethings amiss I will ask questions.If you got a problem with that then I am afraid its your problem to take care of .Some of you are hell bent on sending me to Pakistan .Pls don’t worry abt me I am fine where I am,” wrote Saqib in response to hate comments.


Director Madhur Bhandarkar too took to Twitter and urged his Indian fellows to give up jingoism at this crucial time.

“My humble request to be responsible with ur comments and forwards on social media. Pls do not tease or mock anyone with regards to #Article370 being scrapped. It’s time to show warmth and support to people of #JammuKashmir and #Ladakh. We are One,” he Tweeted.

We hope other Bollywood celebrities too can follow lead of these sane voices and as Kashmir looks forward to find freedom from oppression, more influential forces can join in.

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