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Jami calls out celebs who knew Mohsin Abbas Haider was beating his wife

Ever since Fatima Sohail, Mohsin Abbas Haider’s wife, alleged him to have beaten her on multiple occasions, the entire industry has come out in support of Fatima. In fact, celebrities including Hamza Ali Abbasi, Gohar Rasheed and Dua Malik have claimed to have known before how Mohsin Abbas Haider was mistreating his wife.

Now, filmmaker Jami, who has always raised a voice against things he finds unfair, unjust, took to his social media to call out all these celebs who actually knew Mohsin Abbas Haider was beating his wife.

“All those actors singers and normal humans who are standing up for Moshin Haider’s wife, please remember most of you all didn’t say a word for Lux Style Awards madness. You all are a part of this big drama but chose to join the easiest band wagon cause you all had to look smart and activist type right,” stated Jami.


Commenting on the double standards of the society, Jami added, “Some even knew he was beating her up but waited for the right time to support her. Mind boggling society.”

The stance by Jami definitely makes sense, however, the celebrities, who claimed themselves as witnesses, stated that they kept quiet since Fatima wanted them too because she thought Mohsin might get better and she might stand a chance to save her marriage.

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