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Kit Harrington Almost Got Dumped A Few Weeks Before His Wedding to Rose Leslie

The Jon Snow actor tried to prank his then fiancee Rose and it blew out of proportion


Kit Harrington popular for his Game of Thrones screen name Jon Snow married his on-screen lady love Rose Leslie (Ygritte) last year in June. However, Kit recently revealed that he almost got dumped by Rose a few weeks prior to their wedding because of a prank that went wrong.

Kit and Rose were set to get married on June 23, and just a few weeks earlier it was April Fool’s. Following the tradition of his family, where April Fool’s pranks are a norm, Kit decided to mess around with his then fiancee. For this purpose, Kit placed a mannequin of his severed head in the fridge and decided to film Rose’s reaction.


However just as Rose opened the fridge she screamed, then cried and collapsed.

So in between Kit’s screaming “April Fool’s”, a frantic Rose, whose family was never big on April Fool’s tradition, had a complete melt down. Oh boy, Rose did not even have a clue about what date it was!

“It didn’t go down well…When my laughing died down, it took some making up,” said Kit.

“She pretty much told me if I did it ever again that would be it. And I think that’s marriage included,” added the star.


Needless to say Kit dodged that bullet quite up close, and the couple had a grand wedding in Rose’s hometown in Scotland on the scheduled date. The wedding was attended by Masie Williams, Sophie Turner, Peter Dinklage and many other stars from GoT where Kit had initially met Rose.

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