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Komal Rizvi for the first time opens up about her abusive marriage and divorce

Komal Rizvi, a popular singer turned entrepreneur for the first time has opened up about her abusive marriage that ended up in divorce.

While appearing on the Ramzan special show hosted by Nida Yasir, Lambi Judaai’s songstress shared her harrowing experience.

Not many knew that the singer had moved to Oman after getting married and she got divorced in 2019.

“I have a strong backing and by that, I mean a lot of supporters such as my brother and parents who have helped me through this journey, Komal said.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re independent, strong or even educated when you encounter a mentally ill person who you are destined to spend the rest of your life. I was married for six years where I found myself to be helpless. I was physically abused and went to bed on an empty stomach for months because I didn’t have allowance to even eat,” she added.

“The first time he hit me with a soda bottle and pushed me. I developed a bruise around my eye and when my parents noticed it they immediately wanted me to come back home,” she continued.

“I was living for four years with him and the only way I could do something for myself was to give tuitions to earn. Later, I learned how to cook and that became the way for me to earn. I would sell my food at stores in order to survive an abusive marriage,” she added. 

“When my husband tortured and injured me, my parents became suspicious and started asking me to come back,” said Rizvi. “Then one day my father came and brought me back to Pakistan.”

“I was psychologically upset,” Komal expressed herself. 

“I spoke to my aunt [Khala], who is a psychiatrist, and asked her that I can’t believe that having such a high IQ how did I become like this? She told me that it’s not about IQ and said that intelligent women tend to stay longer in abusive marriages because they try to rationalize the acts of their abuser.”

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Check out Komal’s appearance at GMP at the link below:

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