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Madeeha Imam opens up about starring in Mehreen Jabbar’s web series

Pakistani entertainment industry is now ready to explore the next level. Case in point, we’re branching out into digital entertainment and from the number of web series we now have under production, with a few on air already, we know, Pakistan will definitely leave a mark in the digital space as well.

Here we talk specially about the upcoming web series directed by Mehreen Jabbar that stars the very versatile Bilal Abbas alongside the talented Madeeha Imam in the lead roles.

Oye had a chance to chat with Madeeha Imam about her yet to be titled web series and the shooting experience and here’s what the starlet had to share.

“The series is about a family which has individuals with different dreams, thoughts and ideas about doing more with their lives. The story develops with the individuals and the family’s journey together and personally,” shared Madeeha.

Talking about her character, the Mera Rab Waris actress added, “My character is the driving agent of the story and how she thinks, she feels and lives through the circumstances she’s living in at the moment and the circumstances she wants for herself. I’m playing a very young girl (early twenties) and somewhat silly. But she definitely knows what she’s doing and why.”


“Its a very interesting character with a personality of her own. There are two families in the story but each individual has a personality and journey of their own which this web series will depict,” added Imam further.

Sharing the reason behind saying yes to a web series, Madeeha said, “I said yes to the project firstly because of Mehreen Jabbar. She doesn’t pick up just any script and her projects are amazing. Secondly, the story has been penned down by Umera Ahmed and considering her body of work, there’s nothing to say no about. To be directed by Mehreen Jabbar, the way she does it, I felt I would be creatively challenged to work with a team like that and didn’t want to say no. Also the story of this project was different. Considering the little amount of work I have done, I felt it would add flavor to my body of work.”


Talking about her experience on the sets and working with Mehreen Jabbar and Bilal Abbas, Madeeha shared,  “I have already worked with Bilal earlier but that’s when we only started. Working with him is fun, but he’s so focused that all he wants to do is act, act and act. The intensity is contagious. I have also worked with Mehreen before on a telefilm and that was enough for me to know that she wants her work to be absolutely perfect by the end of the day therefore I love to work with her vision about stories and characters. My main focus is to come home content with the type of work I’ve done and yes, this project gives me that feeling.”

We’ve seen Madeeha Imam make her Bollywood debut with a film that earned good reviews. She’s also worked in a number of dramas and so, it was justified to ask her how she found the filming procedure for a web series different than films and dramas, if she did.

“The filming procedure for a web series is completely different that I don;t think I cannot put it in the same sentence with a drama. Its perhaps Mehreen’s approach of how she wanted to film it. It works for me because everything just comes to me naturally. We’re doing it in one flow and its done when she says cut. There are several takes but we know we’re giving it our best. Its completely different from the monotony we follow in the drama industry,” shared Madeeha.


Adding further, the Baba Jani actress said, “Filming for a web series is a bit similar to filming a movie but we’re narrating a story here. The camera movements happen for a reason. You’ll feel the difference yourself when you see it.”

Wajahat Rauf went on to choose Eros Now to release his web series, Enaaya. And so we wondered what Mehreen Jabbar would choose as a platform for hers. Here’s what Madeeha had to share about it.

“Right now we don’t have any idea about where it will be releasing online but I know it will be online for the entire world to watch. Its high time people get to see what potential Pakistan has when it comes to the digital medium. We’re currently shooting for the web series in this intense heat and we know our hard work will pay off,” ended Madeeha on a positive note.


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