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Mahira Khan posts an encouraging note for fans amidst coronavirus fears

Kudos Mahira!


The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of anxiety and panic among Pakistanis as new cases are being reported everyday  and tally of patients is soaring high.

In such a dark situation, superstar Mahira Khan is playing an eminent role as a public figure by raising the morale of her countrymen with her encouraging messages and notes on social media.

The much loved actress has urged citizens to stay united at such a time when the anxiety is running high as we are all in this together. She also advised her fans to protect themselves and others around them.


The actress took to her Instagram and wrote: “At a time when anxiety is running high.. remember we are all in this together. Some more than others.”

She continued: “Hoping, praying and working to heal in more ways than one. InshAllah. Till then protect yo’ self and others!”

The actress has been very vocal about coronavirus outbreak on social media with her tweets and Insta posts, sharing tips with fans to help prevent the spread of the deadly disease.


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