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Malala pens her maiden Oscars experience

Malala also cleared the air about the much-talked-out question that the American host asked her

Malala has penned her maiden Oscars experience in a special feature for British Vogue!

World’s youngest Nobel prize laureate and activist made her debut at the 95th Academy Awards as the executive producer for the Oscar-nominated short documentary, Stranger at the Gate.

Though the short documentary could not get a trophy but made it a lifetime experience for Malala Yosifzai who attended the ceremony along with her husband, Aseer Malik.

Malala Yousafzai penned a diary of her Oscars outing experience that includes time-stamped details of her big day beginning at 9:30 am.

“There are pre-parties and after-parties, screenings and luncheons, press interviews and dress fittings. It is exhausting, but exhilarating too. At the end of a hectic few weeks, I started Oscar’s morning with a rushed breakfast of porridge, fruit and tea. I would have preferred the pancakes, but there wasn’t enough time,” she wrote.


“I was so happy to work with the brilliant stylist Dena Giannini and her team. In the weeks before the big day, we looked at many sketches and narrowed our options down to five gowns. But once I saw the custom dress Ralph Lauren created for me, I immediately knew it was the one,” she added.

The young activist described details about her time spent getting her jewellery and accessories sorted, and getting her hair and makeup done.

“I’m still getting used to wearing red-carpet make-up. It’s a lot more elaborate than my daily routine,” she wrote, adding that she finally made it to the car to reach the Dolby Theatre where the award night was to begin at 5 pm.

The note continued: “After spending a couple of hours talking to journalists and other guests, I was so happy to finally be in my seat and excited for the show to begin. It’s the Oscars, anything can happen!”

She also stated that it was too exciting for her when she slipped out of her seat and “walked two rows back to say hi to Rihanna”.

“Her performance was amazing and I was so excited to see her in person!” she added.

The author of ‘I Am Malala’ was also excited to meet Brendan Fraser, who bagged the coveted best actor trophy for his role in ‘The Whale‘.

“Right before I left, Asser and I got to say hello to Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly. For the record, I loved his jokes,” Malala stated, clearing the air about the much-talked-out question that the American host asked her.

Her day finally ended after she and her husband went back to the hotel, she added, “My first Oscars was a long day, but it flew by.”


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