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Mohsin Abbas Haider shares an emotional message for his mother!

Behind all our stories will always be our mother’s story, because hers is where ours begin. Whatever we are will always be because of her, we owe our existence to her, and that is something Mohsin Abbas Haider truly believes in.

“This picture of my mother that I have on my phone’s wallpaper always stays. No matter how many phones I change, the picture stays the same,” Mohsin said sharing that the last picture he took with his mother will always remain precious.


“Being the only son, the bond was really strong. Losing my mother was the greatest loss in my life and soon I lost my newborn daughter too. Losing them has shattered me,” he further shared.


He admits that he did not give his mother the time she deserved and he still regrets that every day. “She still lives with me in my memories.” He also confessed that while he may have achieved great heights professionally, he doesn’t think he was able to do enough for his mother since he had moved to Karachi when he was 19.

“If your mother is alive, consider yourself lucky and give her everything she deserves. Once you lose her, you’ll only be left with regrets otherwise,” Mohsin ended the conversation with this emotional message.

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