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Movies with the best soundtracks by Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is a renowned name when it comes to the production of movie soundtracks and background scores. He is such a musical genius and has won many awards for his compositions including 1 Academy, 2 Golden Globes and 4 Grammy Awards. Here are some of the best of his compositions that fans absolutely love.

The Lion King

The Lion King is probably the most emotionally powerful animated movie that I have ever watched. Music plays a huge role in making movies effective, and same is the case with The Lion King. Hans Zimmer also involved some African musical instruments to give the sound some African touch. Every scene has been given such suitable scores and sounds that make the movie more interesting.

He’s a Pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean

In my opinion, this is the most dramatic, thrilling and exciting piece of music to have ever been created by Zimmer. This fits the adventurous and dramatic theme of the movie perfectly. The orchestral arrangement in this one is absolutely amazing and makes the movie extremely exhilarating!

The Dark Night OST

Batman is many people’s favourite comic-book character, and fans are very sensitive about the live-action adaptation of comics. However, The Dark Knight did not disappoint at all. Many people believe that this is the best Batman movie ever made and the scores and soundtracks of the movie played an important part in it. Zimmer used both electronic and orchestral mode of music in order to create this one. The mystery, thrill and action of the movie is hugely influenced by the music.

The Last Samurai

If not the best, it has to be one of the best compositions by Hans Zimmer. He created this masterpiece keeping in mind the theme of the movie. For having a Japanese influence in the movie, he made the most of Japanese musical instruments like Taiko drums and flute. Emotional yet full of action, the sound fits the movie really well.


Here comes the showstopper!

The soundtracks and scores of the movie touched the hearts of millions of people who watched the movie. Why I personally love this one so much is because the music itself holds so much mystery. Zimmer composed this piece without knowing much about the movie’s theme, yet he came up with this classic masterpiece. The slowly building pipe organ chords intensify the scenes and excitement. This is indeed an emotional yet powerful piece of work by Zimmer.

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