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Neelam Muneer Lauds KPK Government for Education System

Neelam Muneer is quite active on social media and often she’s the one to talk about matters of social significance. This time the actress lauded the KPK government for the new education system.

Taking it to Instagram, the Dil Mom Ka Dia actress praised the KP government and teachers as she was in Peshawar and impressed with the government’s newly structured system where children are provided with free education.

“Peshawar makes me feel at home. I am so impressed by the new education system of KPK, it was great seeing kids getting a quality education for free,” said the actress on Instagram.

“The teachers are really committed to change KPK for better,” concluded Neelam.


In another post, Kahin Deep Jalay starrer also stressed the importance of education for Pakistan. As she wrote, “We as a Nation must work on educating our masses. Education can reduce poverty, boosts economic growth and increase income for all of us and our country. Education can promote gender equality, and promote peace”

“Education is one of the most important investments a country can make in its people and its future. Pakistan Zindabad”, Neelam concluded.


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