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“Pakistani dramas are bold and not depicting the true picture of our society.” – PEMRA

And Osman Khalid Butt has a reply for PEMRA


PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) has released a statement notifying all entertainment channels to generate drama content responsibly. The statement, which was released Monday states that the quality of Pakistani dramas is deteriorating everyday.

PEMRA’s understanding is that the plot of the dramas are “quite bold” and “not reflective of majority of the Pakistani society.”

The statement further said, “Besides unnecessary glamour, bold scenes are being shown in the dramas ignoring religious, social, cultural and ethical values of the country.”

According to the regulatory authority, they have been receiving numerous complaints from general public.

“Viewers are of the opinion that dramas are not depicting the true picture of Pakistani society. Indecent scenes//dialogues/extramarital relations, violence and exploitation are being glamourised ignoring ethical bindings of Pakistani society as well as Pemra laws,” it added.

Osman Khalid Butt, however, has different views: “Not every drama serial is meant to be watched with the family. Pinky & Babloo can be put to bed before, no? How is television content expected to diversify when we get sweeping generalizations like this.”

“Friendly reminder that this is the same body that tried to ban Udaari because of similar ‘complaints’ from naik parveens et al. Good television w/ strong content holds a mirror up to society, and is meant to be uncomfortable. If you don’t like what you see, change the channel,” he added.

OKB also agreed that some themes are unfit for children, however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about them he says.

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